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Nagant 87/93

Nagant 87/93
Описание: Nagant 87/93

There was an improved model of this revolver known as the m/87-93. It incorporated additional cylinder notches to insure positive lock-up. This feature was patented by Lt.Tor Törnell of the Swedish Army in 1888. The design improvement was initially approved by the Swedish government in 1893 but formal adoption did not occur. As a result, these improved models are quite rare.

The noticable differences are :

1) a two piece trigger which releases the cylinder drag when the trigger is pulled back,

2) scalloped cylinder flutes with only one chamber as a "dimple" to indicate rounds fired, and

3) a different shaped front sight.

This is a Belgian produced gun by Nagant and number 902 of about 1,000 made for the Army trials.

The brown color on the cylinder axis pin is grease and all numbers match except that piece (the cylinder axis pin).

All original finish, not modified or restored.

Beautiful fire blue on hammer, trigger and loading gate spring.

This is the only one I have ever seen, even in books.

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Nagant 87/93

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